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Avatar of Rose
I’ve been involved in an accident. Please send help immediately.
In vehicle head unit with and alert box indicating that call asking for emergency response has been made

Automatic Crash Notification / SOS In-Vehicle Response

Whether a vehicle emergency is triggered automatically by vehicle sensors or a motorist activating an in-vehicle SOS button, our specialists are trained to respond to the motorist’s immediate need. They also assist 9-1-1 by providing the vehicle geolocation and incident information.

Most importantly, they will remain in contact with the vehicle cabin, monitoring whether there is a change in the situation, reassuring the motorist that help has been summoned, notifying emergency contacts if requested by the motorist, and communicating with any passersby who might be able to add critical details about the incident.

an overhead view of emergency responders are rescuing a motorist from a crashed vehicle electric blue hightlight of the vehicle being worked on
Avatar of Lauren
Lauren – We’ve received an emergency signal from your vehicle. Your critical information is being sent to first responders now.
In vehicle head unit with and alert box indicating that call to emergency response has been made and appropriate data sent

ACN+ SiriusXM Connected Vehicles
Powered by RapidSOS

This best-in-class solution leverages the latest in-vehicle sensors and next generation 9-1-1 technologies provided by RapidSOS. We digitally transmit crash data and other critical information to emergency responders immediately after a vehicle crash. The result is quicker notification to 9-1-1 of a potentially life-threatening incident and allows first responders to make more informed decisions before they arrive on scene.

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emergency responders getting ready to headout out in the back of an ambulence with electric blue highlight of a computer screen indicating the receipt of incident data
Avatar of James
James, your vehicle is on the move.
Smartphone app screen alerting that stolen vehicle has been located with option to call for recovery assistance

Stolen Vehicle Prevention / Recovery

Our platform can actively monitor and alert vehicle owners when unauthorized vehicle access occurs, enabling direct connection between vehicle owners and local law enforcement with detailed information. If a vehicle is stolen, we assist owners and law enforcement in locating the vehicle.

an overhead view of a stolen vehicle abandoned at a parking lot with graphic focus rings around the stolen vehicle
Avatar of Soumya
Soumya, your vehicle has a flat tire.
In vehicle head unit with a dialog box asking if roadside assistance should be called for help with a flat tire

Enhanced Roadside Assistance

When the unexpected happens on the road, we notify and guide roadside assistance providers for a variety of needs: towing, fuel delivery, spare tire installation, battery charge, vehicle locksmith service, or windshield replacement.

a closeup of a vehicle with electric blue wireframe lines around the flat tire
Avatar of Gianni
Gianni, your vehicle is exiting its set Geofence boundary.
Smartphone app screen alerting that the car has broken the geofence with option to request for assistance

Vehicle Geofencing

We enable vehicle owners to set a security perimeter around their vehicle, so when they are away it can alert them of unauthorized movement or for a parent to recognize when their child has safely reached their destination.

closeup of a customer handing his car key to a vallet attendent
Avatar of Sierra
Sierra, your curfew is in 30 minutes.
In vehicle head unit with an alert box indicating that it's almost curfew time

Curfew Alert

Vehicle owners can initiate an alert within their app to remind delegated drivers within the vehicle when it’s time to return home.

a view of driving into a city center from within a vehicle at night with electric blue highlights on the head unit alerting about curfew