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Chelsea, your vehicle needs service soon.
phone base app screen alerting engine problem deteected with option to schedule a service appointment reflection on phone screen

Intelligent Auto Service Advisor

We provide regularly scheduled reports on vehicle maintenance as well as alerts on any issues detected with diagnostics. We have the capabilities to streamline service scheduling, making it easy to connect with a preferred or nearby service center.

a vehicle driving down a two-lane country side road check engine light indicated as floating icon pointed to the vehicle's engine
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Welcome home, Jian.
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Internet of Things (IoT) Integration

We provide an end-to-end cloud based ecosystem that integrates with a number of smart home devices, facilitating innovative business solutions for automakers and adding convenience for vehicle owners.

a vehicle that has just pulled into a garage electric blue highlight of the house, indicating that the house is IoT enabled electric blue highlight indicating the data being sent and received between the house and the vehicle
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Sean, today’s high temperature is 24F.
phone base app screen with a button to remotely start of your vehicle reflection on phone screen

Remote Start / Stop

We enable a smarter remote start and stop function using a mobile app that incorporates the driver’s preferences. Whether it’s extreme heat or extreme cold outside, vehicle owners can ensure their comfort before they enter their vehicle by remotely activating their vehicle’s heating or cooling systems.

a vehicle driving down a snow covered neighborhood road electric blue highlight of the hood electricv blue line indicating the data being sent and received
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Sally, there’s a request to deliver a package to your vehicle.
phone base app screen with buttons to remotely lock or unlock of your vehicle reflection on phone screen

Remote Lock / Unlock

We enable vehicle owners to remotely lock and unlock their vehicle via a smartphone app so that access can be granted without having to physically be near their vehicle or have to share a key.

We also integrate third party mobile services to provide enhanced services at the owner’s request, such as secure delivery of packages inside their vehicle.

a woman checking the packages received in her trunk electric blue highlight of the trunk