Creating the Constellation Vehicle Network™

We’re expanding the universe of connected services that keep drivers safe, informed, engaged. Our vision of the future includes services that are personalized, timely and intuitive to drivers’ needs while providing solutions to vehicle manufacturers for enhanced communications with their vehicle owners throughout the lifetime of the vehicle.

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a stylized blue and black monotone compositon of a vehicle and servers in a data center with electric blue circuits indicating connection to the datacenter
avatar of Alex
Alex, your calendar shows you have an appointment in 30 minutes. Would you like directions?
In vechile head unit UI alerting if the direction to the next appointment should be pulled up.

Evolving Connected Vehicle Services

We’re driving the future of connected services forward, leveraging the latest technology and developing personalized services relevant to drivers’ needs. We are continuously enhancing communication between vehicle manufacturers and vehicle owners throughout the vehicle’s lifecycle while also keeping drivers informed and engaged in the driving experience.

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vehicles driving down a two-lane road with electric blue highlight of the vehicles and that data connections between them and the cloud
Avatar of Victor
Hi Victor – traffic is light. You will arrive at Heinz Field in 20 minutes.
In vehicle head unit with driving direction and weather

Continuing to Lead in Infotainment

Consumers expect best-in-market, mobile infotainment from SiriusXM. This heritage of tailoring a delivery system and providing a wide range of content remains central as we continue to explore new channels for communicating in the changing mobility landscape.

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overhead view of vehicles on a highway with a electric blue line along the vehicle path that abstractly indicating the GPS direction
Avatar of June
Can you send help?
Someone broke into my car.
In vehicle head unit base with a dialog box alerting unauthorized access with option to contact emergency responce center

Pioneering a New Era of In-Vehicle Emergency Assistance

For over two decades, motorists have depended on us to immediately alert and precisely guide responders to the location of a driver in distress. New technologies now enable us to further equip vehicles with advanced capabilities to enhance emergency assistance connection.

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overhead view of vehicles parked on a street with shattered out side window on one of them electric blue wave of data being sent out from the vehicle that has been broken into