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ACN+ Powerd by RapidSOS Workflow

1. Vehicle Triggers Signal

Voice Call & Data Transfer

Emergency Response Specialist communicates with driver and determines dispatch needs while the vehicle sends incident crash data to the SiriusXM Platform. The Emergency Response Specialist maintains communication with the driver and passengers until emergency personnel arrive on scene.

2. Dispatch Initiated

The Sirius XM platform routes incident data to 9-1-1. 9-1-1 dispatchers and first responders receive driver and vehicle information with available crash data. If the driver has opted to share medical data, first responders can also access through a linked account such as MedicAlert.

3. Emergency Contact Called

Driver’s emergency contact is called and can conference with Driver & Emergency Response Specialist.

Enriched Data Available for Enhanced Emergency Response

ACN+ enables a real time data connection to 9-1-1, delivering critical incident information to emergency response systems. The expansive set of data is not limited but can include the following: vehicle description, sensor data (such as airbag deployment, impact points and seat positioning) and occupant information. In addition, if a driver has a personal medical profile such as MedicAlert, ACN+ can access and link to these accounts to share potential medical information with first responders.

The Sirius XM Connected Vehicle Services Response Center can also verbally relay on scene, incident information provided by the vehicle occupants upon initial contact such as: extent/nature of injuries; description of occupants (e.g. presence of infants, elderly; apparent injuries or conditions; number of vehicles involved; final resting position of vehicle (e.g in middle of road or off road, visible from roadway); and additional location details (e.g., nearby landmarks).

9-1-1 Connected to Data Platform Today

Map of Continental United States

313 million people are served by PSAPs capable of consuming location data via ACN+

Key Benefits


  • Faster and more accurate incident related data leads to more lives saved
  • Digital emergency response platform with the widest coverage in US
  • Addition of critical medical data, with user consent (MedicAlert)
  • Automatic & immediate on-call support in time of emergency
  • Inform emergency contact


  • Ease of implementation without vehicle modification
  • Available to all connected vehicles on the road today
  • Flexibility of API for adding new sensor & driver/passenger data
  • Data security & privacy (segregated personal health data)

Public Safety Community

  • 9-1-1 Dispatchers receive incident related data faster and can engage the necessary response teams much quicker
  • Increased access to crash incident data can help first responders make lifesaving decisions before they ever arrive on scene