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Upcoming Event

APCO 2022

Anaheim, CA

In a vehicle emergency, delayed response time could mean the difference between life and death. Studies show that saving just one minute in response time reduces vehicle fatalities by 17%. So to be able to act quickly and confidently, 911 operators and first responders need clear and concise vehicle crash and incident data, so they can make more informed decisions before arriving on scene.

So what data is available now, what’s on the horizon and how can 911 operators and first responders access it?

Our Senior Product Manager Mike Hirsch will be at next week’s APCO International 2022 national conference in Anaheim, California to speak about all the available incident data through ACN+ and how it can work to help save lives.

APCO International’s Annual Conference & Expo, is the premier event for public safety communications officials, from frontline telecommunicators to comm center managers to public safety communications equipment and services vendors.