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Upcoming Event

La Automobility Hackathon

Los Angeles, CA

During the AutoMobility LA Hackathon, hackathon participants got the chance to utilize data, technology, and onsite mentorship from Amazon Web Services, HERE Technologies, and Sirius XM Connected Vehicle Services to bring their ideas to life.

Over the course of two days, the participants were asked to develop the enabling software and architectures to support an electric charging infrastructure for electric vehicles and long-haul, electric trucks traveling along the 1,300 miles of Interstate 5 from Mexico to Canada. Participants in the challenge developed opportunities integrating Los Angeles city data, use of Alexa skill(s), the AWS Connected Vehicle Reference Architecture (CVRA 2.0), HERE Location Services (geocoding/search, fleet telematics, map data, navigation, routing), and the Sirius XM Connected Vehicle Services drive, location and crash incident data. The event was MCed by Bryan Biniak, CEO & Founder of ConnectedTravel.